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4v4 Event Paperwork Information

This 4v4 tournament is sanctioned by North Texas as a Special Event.  It is open to all players meeting the age requirements. However, any non-USYS (North Texas) registered player will be required to:

  1. Upload a copy of their Birth Certificate to the teams tournament registration.
  2. Fill out a Special Event Registration Form and pay a $10 special event registration fee. This is in addition to the teams Tournament Registration fee.

If you entered the amount of non-USYS registered players on your roster during check-out, when registering, the Special Event registration fee is paid already. If you did not, you will need to make that payment at check-in (Cash Only), or you can contact us at and we can invoice your teams account so you can pay online BEFORE the tournament starts.

The key point to remember for special events is that you have to verify to Tournament Central that the player is currently registered with NTSSA, which in return means they are covered under the insurance policy of a NTSSA sanctioned event. If they are not registered, a special event registration form and a $10.00 fee (cash only if paid at check-in) will be required for that player to play.