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After  countless volunteer hours for tournaments, many long weekends, and Lots of all-nighters Brain storming at the family dinner table, Tournament Central was born.  it was time to take the tournament knowledge gained to the next level and bring that experience to organizations, coaches, and teams across the country.  The vision for Tournament Central was to build a company that provides the knowledge with a unique tournament hosting package that helps organizations and associations raise maximum funds for their cause or needs.  We know the time it takes and that as a volunteer there are only so many hours in a day.


The Vision

The Beginning

"I remember as a youth sports player, my parents were always involved in some manner.  Later in life, after becoming a parent myself, I got my children involved in youth sports and I started  seeing the different aspects of youth sports from a parents viewpoint.   I felt there was a short fall of volunteers that truly understood what young players could gain form sports.   So, not realizing just how crazy involved my parents had been,  I got involved as a coach.  next thing I knew I held several positions on the local soccer association’s board of directors and then I became the tournament director .  As I started planning my first tournament The memories of my youth came flooding back to me.  I remembered all the fun trips and quality time I spent with my family and friends while being at tournaments.  Those memories lighted my passion for quality sportsmanship events and got my gears turning."