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each player MUst fill out the player

form and submit it before taking the

field.  The form can be submitted via
gotsoccer or to league staff, not a referee.

5v5 is the smallest number of players that still allows for three passing directions: forward, sideways, and backwards.  this is important because soccer is a three directional game.  It also offers the smallest number of players that gives positional play and keeps all players involved throughout the game by putting them under pressure for the entire game, there is nowhere to hide in 5v5 play...more touches!!  From this Players learn how important the first touch is when playing 5v5.  the first touch has always been one of the most important skills a youth player can learn.  Great players on the professional side are those that can be spotted by their ball touch.

each team must register using gotsoccer.

If all players are on an existing team account used with NTX and or USClub you may us the same account.  if not it is recommended to create a new team account.

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The benefits are clear: Accepted worldwide as the most effective game for developing youth players.  field players get more meaningful touches while under pressure situations of the game, which offers more chances to develop finishing skills needed to beat a goalie to score.  Goalies get more opportunities to defend and distribute the ball in a single game then most do in a full sided season.  5v5 is the national youth game of brazil, credited with creating the highest number of international superstars from one county.  The format is promoted by Europe's top youth scholars and implemented in the European professional youth academies.

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Field Information

Texas Rose Horse Park

14078 State Hwy 110 n

Tyler, TX  75704


from Tyler - at intersection of loop 323 NWN  and 110, take 110 north 13 miles, entrance is on right

o r

take loop 49 toll to i-20, head west on i-20 to the 110 exit.  head south on 110 for 1.5 miles and entrance is on the left

games held at Gorgeous

Registration process

League information


- AAU membership/insurance with player cards, up to max roster of 10.  ($20 for each additional player or players added after original registration)

 - Open rosters:  Allows teams to register more than 10 players if needed to make sure they have players from week to week.  However, only 10 players per game are allowed.  Players may play on multiple teams as long as they are not in the same division and follow birth year rules.

- 8 Game Winter 1 season.  Each team will have at least one double header.

- Certified referees, fees included with registration fee.

- Awards for first and second place in all ages.

- Flexible schedules with easy website viewing of full schedule and standings.

Why play 5v5...

COST: $450.00 per team

with full amenities


December 10, 17, 31 - 2016

January 7, 14, 21, 28 - 2017

in one central place